CJ Engineering
Site Design
Site Plans
Roadway Design
Subdivision Design
Paving and Parking Lot Design
Neighborhood Planning

Site Grading and Drainage
Site Grading Plans
Earthwork cut and fill analysis

Storm Water Management
Detention Ponds
Infiltration Basins
Rain Garden Design
Bio-retention Basins
Underground Storm Water Storage Design
Porous Pavement Design
Water Quality Analysis

Utility Design
Storm Sewer Design
Sanitary Sewer Design
Water Main Design
Lift Stations and Force Mains

Environmental Impacts
Erosion / Sediment Control Plans
Flood Plain Mitigation
FEMA - LOMR and LOMA submittals
Resolving Wetland Issues and Impacts
DNR Permitting

Concept plans
Feasibility studies
Cost analysis
Zoning Issues
Construction Inspection

Certified Survey Maps
Subdivision plats
ALTA Land Title Surveys
Condominium Plats
Topographic Surveys
Construction Staking